ChatterBox speech engine toy for Mac OS X. (Revision 3396)
EDICT Enhanced Disk Image Creation Tool for DOS. (Version 0.10)
FDIMPLES FDI - My Package List Editor Software for FreeDOS™. (Version 0.11.0)
FileEnum Bulk file renaming utility for Windows 95+. (Version 1.0.1)
NewBreak Text mode Breakout clone for DOS. (Release 1992-09-10)
PGME The Program Manager Eternity application launcher for DOS. (Release 2021-08-20)
SLICER File Slicer for FreeDOS™. (Version 0.13)
V8Power batch file enhancement utilities for DOS. (Version 21.07.14-0)
VGAPAL VGA Text Mode Color Palette Utility for DOS. (Version 0.10)
rbil2html A recent conversion of Ralph Brown's Interrupt list performed by rbil2html. (Revision r289)
wavkit 32-bit command-line audio processing tools for Linux. (Version 0.1.0)